Elisabeth teaches The Feldenkrais Method.  

Graduated from the Semiophysics Feldenkrais training in San Raphael, California, in 2000, Elisabeth studied with Dennis Leri (one of Moshe Feldenkrais’s original students).  She has worked with musicians from the San Francisco Symphony, the San Francisco Opera, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and the American Bach Soloists. She has given classes in the Feldenkrais method at the Juilliard School and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music as well as at numerous summer workshops such as the San Francisco Early Music Society Workshops and the National Viola da Gamba Society Conclave.  



Her Feldenkrais practice is called SoundBodiesTM.  



"Several years ago I consulted with Elisabeth when I was experiencing pain in my left arm after a period of serious over-playing of the violin.  She had me perform various motions and asked me questions about what I was feeling, after which she made several simple observations and recommended several simple exercises to do at home.  Two weeks later I was, incredibly, almost pain-free without having resorted to medical intervention.  Since then I’ve been recommending Feldenkrais in general, and Elisabeth in particular, to any colleagues who’ve experienced similar issues." 
- David Wilson, Concertmaster, Jubilate Baroque Orchestra

 "Thank you for the great class! I am now suddenly aware of all kinds of things that my body does when I play that have nothing to do with playing. I realized just now that whenever I shift I have to purse my lips first which, of course, makes me late. That's just one example. THANKS!!!" 
- Chris Briden, violist da gamba. 

"Elisabeth Reed's Feldenkrais class at the Viola da gamba National Conclave was a marvelous way to reconnect with what my body was telling me during a week of intensive playing. She created a climate of gentle humor and good information, making everyone feel safe and comfortable as we explored with movement. I'd take another class with Elisabeth in a flash!"
- K. Hunnicutt

Using the Feldenkreis Method to Heighten Musical Awareness and Skill, by Elisabeth Reed
Where are YOU?  Martial Arts, Self-Awareness and Historically Informed Performance, by Andrew Lawrence King

Viola da Gamba Society of America Teaching Video:  Where Does Your Hand Begin? with Elisabeth Reed